Red Rock Canyon

When people think of a Las Vegas vacation, they tend to picture casinos and fancy nightclubs.  While Vegas certainly has plenty of these things, a lot of people are surprised to learn that Vegas is also in close proximity to some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the nation.  One of the most popular sites to see, of course, is the Grand Canyon.  While many people think of the Grand Canyon as being in Arizona, they tend to forget about its “other” side, just outside of Las Vegas.  The most popular way to visit is by helicopter.  These tours give you an aerial view of the sheer rock cliffs that have been carved out over millions of years by the river.  Be astounded by these breathtaking views as you fly inside the canyon itself.

That river, of course, is the Colorado, and many groups offer trips that allow you to spend part, all, or even several days canoeing or kayaking this majestic river.  In addition to beautiful views of the Grand Canyon, you’ll also be able to get up close to the Hoover Dam.  Seeing the massive electric generators is an exciting experience that you can never have if you don't leave the casino.  If you don’t have experience with paddling a boat, don’t worry, trained guides will be happy to help you out.

 If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, consider a hiking or biking trip.  Red Rock Canyon is a popular destination for tourists who just want to get out of town for part of the day.  You can walk or rent a bike and see gorgeous sandstone bluffs, desert landscapes, and even some wildlife.  Best of all, you can get there and back in less than 30 minutes.  If you want to see more of

the desert, consider a hike through the Valley of Fire.  This area has been home to multiple Hollywood movies thanks to its unique rock formations.  You’ll also find several Native American petroglyphs.

Your vacation to Las Vegas should be fun and relaxing, and seeing nature is a great way to take a break from the lights and sounds of a casino.  You’ll breathe fresh air, get some exercise, and have an experience worth telling your friends about when you get back from your trip.