Kix Steve Whitemen

KIX and Vixen, the rock bands that everyone loved from the 80s and 90s, are back with a new tour!  KIX has just released their first album in nineteen years, “Rock Your Face Off”!  On January 17th, come out and see the group as they play songs from their new album and some old favorites.  They’ll be live for one night only at the Eastside Cannery Casino Hotel in Las Vegas.

KIX is a band known for making rock ’n roll fun.  Their music is famous for being loud, energetic, and most importantly, true hard rock.  Their concerts are action packed venues that will excite and entertain anyone who loves great music.  Be prepared for a mind-blowing concert experience.

After releasing their first album in 1981, the band has been performing and producing music for thirty three years.  After re-emerging in the early 2000s, KIX has been collecting awards while playing at music festivals alongside groups such as Alice Cooper and Sammy Hagar.  

After years of playing at concerts, however, the band just couldn’t ignore the pleas of their fans to record a new album.  This summer, “Rock Your Face Off” a CD of all new songs, came out to widespread critical acclaim.  This new album was produced by the same people who put together their last smash, “Hot Wire”.  They’re now on tour to promote the new album, and tickets at other venues all over the nation have sold quickly.

Along with KIX, the band Vixen will also be performing.  Vixen is the only all-female hard rock band that has sold over one million albums and had four songs in Billboard’s Top 100.  Fans remember this group from their heavy rotation on MTV throughout the late 1980s.  By 1991, Vixen disbanded so that the members could go on to solo projects.  In 2012, the group got back together and began working on a new tour.  

KIX has paired up with Vixen for one night at the Eastside Cannery Casino Hotel.  This will be a great night for fans of hard rock from the 80s.  You'll never forget the night you got to see these two legendary bands perform together.

KIX and Vixen are two bands known for giving  energetic and powerful performances.  If you’re a fan of classic hard rock, you’re not going to want to miss this show.  Get your tickets now, this one night event is expected to sell out fast.